So you ain't living 'til you're living it
Not dead 'til you die


#One of my absolute favorite scenes #I love how Colin decided to make Merlin all gentle and soft while dealing with simpleton!arthur #I love how Colin chose to let Merlin touch Arthur all the time #even if it was only for leading him somewhere or helping him #I love how Colin decided to let Merlin be obvious about his caring for Arthur #It just shows that under normal cicrumstances when Arthur is king and Merlin the servant Merlin always holds back #always restrains himseld #with simpleton!arthur he didn’t feel like he had to edit himself #He was honest with him#he touched him #he cared for him #I love all of the choices Colin made as an actor #It was really important for the Merthur-relationship #merthur #and feels


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Colin Morgan, MOJO, Stage Door, Nov 3

Taken from this video by bolt-of-fire. Full credit to this wonderful person.

"I often wonder if I should have been born in another time."


how many angels
                   can dance
        on the head
                 of a pin?



Tenth Doctor Project 10/?: Ten tells Martha about Gallifrey.

He said “the last of your kind”. What does that mean?

It doesn’t matter.

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i’m a raven.

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The dream is to keep surprising yourself, never mind the audience. Tom Hiddleston


That’s it that’s the whole country